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Elected best hotel in Africa

Villegiature Awards 2016

Each year, the Villagiature Awards rewards the finest hotels in Europa, Africa and Asia ; its jury is composed of 22 internationally renowed journalists from prestigious media such as  GUARDIAN, VOGUE, DIE ZEIT, LE FIGARO, LE POINT, FRANCE 2, AL ARABIYA TV among others.

Tigmiza Hotel in Marrakech has been nominated twice for:

- the award of the Best hotel interactive communication in the worl
- the Grand Prix of the Best hotel in Africa

and won the Grand Prix for the Best Hotel in Africa

Le Tigmiza à Marrakech, Meilleur Hôtel en Afrique
Miss Maria Laraqui and her husband, Mr Taha Sabir at the Grand Prix of the Best Hotel in Africa.

A pride for the family Laraqui, owner of this hotel, shared with the entire team of Tigmiza Hotel. This 5-star Hotel in Marrakesh and totally independen, Tigmiza Hotel, seduced by the quality of the services and the beauty of the places, highlighted by the talent of the decorator Selma Laraqui. Its Moroccan hospitality, its attention for the customers, is also a strong distinction of this establishment. The jury really fell in love with this charming boutique hotel of Marrakech.

Hôtel de luxe à Marrakech, Le Tigmiza élu Meilleur Hôtel d'Afrique


Discover the interview of Maria Laraqui, Manager of Hotel Tigmiza, luxury hotel in Morocco.

Maria Laraqui Directrice de l'Hôtel de luxe Tigmiza à Marrakech